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        ProductName:ZC-280-X4 Automatic carton packing machine
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2015/7/18 9:11:53
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        The product description

        This cartoning machine is mainly applied in food,pharmaceuticals, soft bag,soap and cosmetics area. It can either use glue injecting device or carton flaps inserting device. Products from upstream are conveyed to the cartoning machine. Then the machine will suck out the carton, open the carton, push the product into carton, tape the carton with glue, close the carton and meanwhile print batch number on the carton. Liquid crystal display can help adjust the parameter conveniently. With PLC, this machine can be controlled accurately with fast speed and reliable performance. Glue temperature is controlled by temperature controller automatically.


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