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        About Us
        About Us
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        Nantong Han Di Automation Equipment Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in R&D, manufacture, and sales of medicine, household chemicals, food industries and back-end automatic packaging production line.

        Our products are widely exported to America, India, Southeast Asia, Africa and Japan etc. The company has a number of high-quality, younger, highly creative spirits of teamwork and staff. The company provided custom-designed service, match customs' requirement to design exclusive automatic production solutions. Nantong Han Di Automation Equipment Co., Ltd has rich experience and advanced technologies in household chemicals machines especially carton packaging and case packaging field, which are widely used in cake shape, tube shape and ball shape. The latest development for this company is gripper, continuously operation speed up 350 pcs/min, cartoner speed up 400 pcs/min and for full-automatic case packer(integrated palletizing system). The performance of above machines can compete with European of similar products. Nantong Han Di Automatic Co., Ltd is located in Nantong, Jiangsu province. The company has 25 professional and technical personnel, more than 100 employees. It has a strong machinery manufacturing and production and processing capacity. With standard industrial plants area of 1000 square meters, the company is equipped with complete set of machining equipment including 10 sets of CNC machines and 20 sets of fabricating machinery. And you are warmly welcome to come to our company, give guidance, establish a strategic cooperative partnership and create brilliant performances.

        Copyright By Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd  Address:NO.118, Shi Jiang Road ShiGang Industrial Area, Nantong, Jiangsu ,Province,China
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