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        ProductName:Automatic cartoning machine with shampoo pouch dispenser
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2013/12/17 11:22:07
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        The product description

        Automatic cartoning machine with pouch dispenser

        TH260 series full-automatic cartoner is widely used in the package field, such as pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemical etc. It can function independently, or can be joined to the whole packaging line.
        It is mainly composed of the following parts: pouch dispenser, master driving unit, product-transferring unit, product-suction unit, carton-storage unit, carton-suction unit, product-push unit, coding unit, carton-pressing unit, glue injecting unit (or carton flaps folding unit), discharge unit, electric control unit and pneumatic unit. Under coordinated work of the above parts, the product packing procedure is finished perfectly.
        Specific operation principles are as follows:
        The pouch dispenser can cut a series of pouches one by one then insert them right into the transferring cabins of the carton packing machine.

        Products flow onto the infeed belt from upstream machine, and were put to transferring cabins by product suction unit. When the suction cups under the control of photoelectrical switch detect that the products are ready, the carton-suction rod begins to suck carton, meanwhile carton-pull rod begins to pull the carton, and then the carton-unfolding rod unfolds the carton, finally the carton is successfully put on the carton guide rail. The carton –suction device has a protection function -- no product entering, no carton suction. The product pusher unit boasts the protection function --no push when there is product but no cartons.
        The filled cartons will undergo flap folding, coding, glue spraying and closing with the cooperation of workbench closing unit. They will be tightened by the discharge conveyor and finally transferred to the case packing platform.
        This machine’s speed is controlled by variable frequency and programmable control unit. The visible packing speed and the packing procedures are tracked by photo eyes. This machine boasts safety devices such as overloading protection, electricity leakage protection and failure alarm.
        This user-friendly machine adopts world famous control elements with touch screen in both Chinese and English.
        This compact equipment operates simply and reliably, boasting fast packaging speed, stable packaging quality, as well as smooth and beautiful packaging appearance.

        Max speed   200 cartons per minute
        Normal speed  180-200 cartons per minute
        Model  TH260
        Warranty period  1 year
        Machine dimension  L4700*W1495*H1930
        Rated voltage  380 V
        Phase  3P+N+G
        Frequency  60 HZ
        Control Voltage  24 V
        Main speed reducer  2.2 kW
        Glue sprayer  6 kW
        Control cabinet  0.8 kW
        Total current  10 A
        Vacuum degree  -0.08 Mpa
        Compressed air consumption  15 L/min
        Compressed air pressure  0.6 Mpa


        Alternate machine component brand
        PLC:  Germany “Siemens” and Japanese “Mitsubishi”
        Touch screen: Chinese KINCO
        Converter: Denmark “Danfoss”
        Pneumatic component: Germany “Festo” , Japanese “SMC” and Taiwan “AirTAC”

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