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        ProductName:Automatic pouch dispenser
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2013/12/19 16:29:09
        Order Online
        The product description

        Automatic pouch dispenser

        Automatic three section servo infeed pouch dispenser is more suitable for 140-200 bags/min production line. Even the lightest bags will not float and are put onto the packing machine conveyor( or transferring cabins) and it can track the speed of conveyor(or transferring cabins) automatically. And no matter how the packing machine speed varies, the pouchs can be put onto needed place accurately.

        Main parameter:
        1)Average speed:60-220 bags/min
        2)Pouch dimension:L30-150mm W 35-100mm
        3)Power:200-220VAC  single phase 50HZ-60HZ 800W
        Main feature: 
        1、High efficiency:Pouch feeding, cutting and putting are fully automatic
        2、Clean:Avoid hand contact to products and pouches thanks to automatic dispensing device
        3、Highly adaptable and easily maintained
        4、Automatic alarm
        5、PLC and three section servo infeed
        6、Reliable pouch cutting and transferring
        Applied field;
        Food,daily chemical,chemical,pharmaceuticals and health care field

        Alternate machine component brand
        PLC:  Germany “Siemens” and Japanese “Mitsubishi”
        Touch screen: Chinese KINCO
        Converter: Denmark “Danfoss”
        Pneumatic component: Germany “Festo” , Japanese “SMC” and Taiwan “AirTAC”

        Copyright By Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd  Address:NO.118, Shi Jiang Road ShiGang Industrial Area, Nantong, Jiangsu ,Province,China
        蘇ICP備15035769號  技術支持:南通泛亞