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        ProductName:ZV-12 Vertical automatic packaging machine
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2015/7/18 9:42:19
        Order Online
        The product description

        • It will clamp products into the open carton, when scratching our heads up, carton discharge, sent to the sealing machine
        • It adopts PLC and touch screen control
        • When there is a lack of material,it will alarm,then the machine stop running automatically.
        • It is with convenient operation ,simple design,reducing production personnel and intensity of labour, is an indispensable equipment for automatic production line
        • According to the packing requirements, it can automatically finish product arrangement
        • It is with a novel design,compact structure
        • It is computer programmed,with a simple operation and stable performance

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