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        ProductName:Double Z Type Mixer
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2017-1-19 15:28:02
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        The product description

        Mixer with two agitators mounted on a rotating shaft to ensure a complete and uniform dispersion of color and additives on noodles. It’s designed to mix soap pellets and flakes for manufacturing toilet soap, translucent soap especially difficult formulations like translucent, syndets, NSD (synthetic laundry bars) and combo bars. Double Z type counter-rotating blades allowing a more intimate mixing degree and assuring a very good penetration and dispersion of the additives throughout the entire mixture. All the entire mass is thoroughly refined and homogenized. Compare with the old agitators “Σ” type design, mixing time for this new type machine can save around 30%.

        Pneumatically operated double bottom port discharge.
        Double cradle with outer jacket for hot or cold water circulation.
        All parts in contact with soap are made from stainless steel.
        Famous brand gear motor
        Independent E-cabinet with operation panel
        Equipped with safety door switch
        Equipped with an electronic weighing device

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