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        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2017-1-19 15:41:39
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        The product description


        The function of plodders is to extrude bars, having the right physical properties to guarantee a good tablet stamping. They are available in simplex (one stage), and duplex (two stages) configuration, driven by independent transmission system, either in single screw or double screw versions, to satisfy any demand of productivity. Double screw machines are available in tangent and non-tangent configuration. This kind of machines have the purpose of refining soap by forcing it through a refining screen so as the combined action of pressure and shear generate homogenization and the right plasticity of the mass. The first plodder is acting as a simplex refining to make soap pellets under vacuum condition. In the final plodder, the soap is pressed and extruded out in billets through the orifice to feed the downstream cutter or stamper. Special designed stainless steel screw will keep its shape permanently, no damage to the barrel with long use. The optimized L/D ratio of screws guarantees the most efficient operation, producing quality soap. To guarantee customers’ demand for high quality and high capacity, its barrel is made from cold-drawing thick-wall seamless stainless steel pipe and with special designed recycling cooling system.

        Adopts hardened gear reducer
        Material level controller to control point of screw’s start and stop
        All parts in contact with soap are made from stainless steel
        It adopts a frequency inverter, supplied by ABB or Mitsubishi
        PLC Control
        Electric components are supplied by Schneider

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