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        ProductName:Double blade Cutter
        Company:Nantong HanDi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd
        Addtime:2017-1-19 15:49:04
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        The product description

        This machine is suitable for big capacity requirements. Equipped with two blades. It is used to emboss and cut toilet soap or laundry soap. Bars come out from vacuum plodder, they are cut by cutter for stamping machine to print. If the cutter by adding whole set of embossing units, also can directly emboss and produce finished products. This machine uses Mitsubishi PLC, Chinese/English touch screen, Mitsubishi frequency converter, Mitsubishi servo drive to make sure the reliability of machine. Compared with split type welding-cam, this kind of one-piece cam design ensures long-term validity with no replacement; stable and reliable operation. It can produce perfect translucent soap products accurately. Setting different length and change easily.



        PreProduct:Single Blade Cutter
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